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THOREX C.C. has been operating since 1986, specializing in supplying profit and non profit organizations, with a large range and variety of aid items, as well as general goods.

Over the years THOREX C.C. has built up many strong business relationships with manufactures and traders alike, and can confidently guarantee a good quality product, conforming to any specifications and needs at a reasonable price.

THOREX C.C. has traditionally dealt in the following commodities: Blankets; Kitchen sets; Survival kits; Seed kits; Tools and tool kits; Plastic buckets and Jerry Cans; Tarpaulins and Plastic Sheeting; School Kits and Stationery as well as Food Commodities and Hygiene Items.

THOREX C.C. has large store facilities in Durban, Johannesburg, and Swaziland where stocks of these items are held for quick supply to grief stricken areas. We also deal in anything from Drip Irrigation Kits, Water Purification Systems, Water Pump Systems, Generators, Motor Bikes and all Spares, De-mining Equipment and Hospital Goods and Supplies.

THOREX C.C is a well-connected organisation with offices in Zimbabwe and Mozambique, with Head Office based in Johannesburg. It is one of the largest stockists of agricultural tools in the region.

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