Our Story

Thorex was started in 1985 as a result of needing to get aid items urgently into Mozambique/Zimbabwe. From that success and humble beginning, Thorex grew and soon established itself as one of the region’s most important suppliers of disaster relief and humanitarian aid items.

The company’s key staff have been with the company for at least 16 years – some since its inception over 30 years ago! This shows a remarkable loyalty rarely seen in this day and age. We believe it’s simply because each and every member of our team is truly valued, both as individuals and for their contributions.

It’s this kind of loyalty and commitment that is so important when, for example, we have to deal with the kind of disaster such as that which struck Mozambique back in 2000 with the floods. Our team worked around the clock for X days (note: how many days?) to ensure that we were able to supply aid relief to the victims in the shortest possible time. We’re dealing with peoples’ lives here and every hour counts.

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