About Us

Over 30 years’ experience

Who and where we supply to

We supply a wide and varied range of items to various NGOs, such as World Vision, UNPD, UNFPA, WFP (to name a few) in countries such as Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Swaziland, Zambia and Angola.

What we supply


We supply blankets, AIDS hygiene kits, Home Base Care Kits for children and adults, tarpaulins, Mosquito Nets, cooking kits and more.
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Bee Keeping Equipment

We also procure and supply Bee Keeping equipment which is used to educate and teach people in rural areas how to keep bees and make honey and sell it to make a living.

Mobile Clinics

We also operate mobile clinic caravans for circumcision and inoculation in rural areas.

Integrity and reliability

These are absolutes in our business because so much of what we do has human lives depending upon us delivering on our promises. We see it as compassion in action.

In the more than 30 years we’ve been in existence, we have supplied countless humanitarian aid and disaster relief goods to many countries in Africa as well as several other countries globally. We’ve gained immense and valuable experience in this time – learning to get goods cheaply and efficiently into difficult to reach areas and dealing with the ‘red tape’ that often comes with it.

Quality and performance

We’ve built up close relationships with many of our suppliers over the years and can therefore quickly and cost effectively respond to our customers’ needs. We know what works and what doesn’t work, which suppliers and which products one can rely upon and where one is likely to encounter disruptions and delays. This is all important information when needing to get items to a region in the shortest possible time and where the quality and performance of the items supplied is paramount.

Briefed and informed

We make it our business to keep informed of all developments (infrastructure, documentation requirements, transport issues, social unrest etc.) in the regions in which we operate to ensure that we’re one step ahead of any potential problems or hindrances.

NGO vs Commercial – Price competitiveness

Whilst we specialize in dealing with NGO’s, we have also built a strong base of commercial customers owing to our ability to source, procure, warehouse and deliver goods at extremely competitive prices – reliably and timeously.